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Residential rekey services in Austin TX offered to ensure your home’s safety

special offer austinFor a city that is growing as fast as Austin TX, Residential Rekey services are a must for homeowners who want to ensure their homes are safe.

Buying a pre-owned home in Austin, Texas, Travis County, is an achievement and an American Dream realized. However, you want to make sure no one else has a key to your home.

Think about it for a minute. Over the years, previous owners may have loaned their keys to their friends, relatives, ex-lovers, contractors or even neighbors.

The last thing you want is for any of these people to gain access to your home especially with bad intentions. We will change your lock cylinder to rekey home locks.

Rekeying locks Austin Texas done at a very affordable price

This simple, yet effective, service will shut out a whole lot of people who you don’t want to intrude into your home. It will also give you the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your home. We excel in rekeying locks and can get it done at a very affordable price. Many homeowners prefer this option as it saves them money.

When you need a house door lock rekey why not call the only service in town that many hire for this service? Don’t ask why we are the choice of many; ask, instead, why not? With the kind of effort we put in serving our customers, we have no other place to go but up.

Rekeying deadbolt locks protects your home

After you call us, we will put a brand new set of keys in your hands and no longer will you have to worry who else has access to your home. We will also help you with rekeying deadbolt locks in Austin TX, which is recommended for all who buy an old home. Don’t live with regret; protect your home by changing your keys.

Commercial rekey for master lock boosts security of your office

Emergency ServiceYour business is worth probably more than you calculate and you can’t risk it with bad locks or keys. You have a staff that supports their families from your earnings and you need an expert locksmith in Austin, Texas, Travis County, to help protect it. We will rekey master lock for you to help boost the security of your business.

The main way we do an office door lock rekey is changing the locking cylinder, which is a fast way of giving you new keys for your door. Commercial buildings get rented out often and you don’t want previous tenants to gain unlawful entry into your office. We will secure your door with rekeying.

Change office lock and extracting broken keys services offered

Another way of increasing the safety as well as your business’ security is to change office lock. While this costs a bit more than to rekey locks, it provides much better security, which is what you need for your business. We have a wide selection of high security locks that we can offer you.

A common, but unusual problem is to break keys in the door. When this happens, you can get locked out of your building, but we can solve this problem. If you need assistance to extract broken key, we have just the right tools. We can solve this problem professionally and skillfully to get you back in your building.

New car keys made affordably

We will also get new keys made to replace the damaged ones. If you need this service, we have strong key blanks that we can use to cut good keys for you. Additionally, we can do Automotive Rekey to secure your vehicle. This is recommended if you have lost your keys and suspect they were stolen. Our car locksmith rekey are affordable and provided with the customer in mind. We go a step further and make sure that you also have spare keys to help you if you ever got locked out of your vehicle.

We rekey car locks and remove broken keys in ignition

In case you bought a used vehicle that is listed as one of the cars mostly stolen, you will be better advised to rekey car locks. This will discourage previous owners or anyone else who may have a key to the vehicle to take it away from you. If you need key cutting we have the best and highly sophisticated machines for this service. Our equipment installs the security features that safe keys need. We are available to advice you in case you need a second opinion. We will also remove broken key if you have one lodged in your ignition.
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